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The story of Seer Patrick


For thirty years Seer Patrick has been writing books and giving consultations using his knowledge of esotericism and magic. He helps people all over the world who ask him to use his powers to find a way out of their problems. Magic has been his passion since childhood when his grandparents initiated him into the secrets of the Ancients in the Normandy countryside. It was there that he made his first contact with the magical world.

When he was initiated, the use of sorcery and magic was common among country people. They often used healers and bonesetters, whose reputations spread by word of mouth. They also performed ritual ceremonies to protect crops and animals, to bring rain or break spells… It was one of these village sorcerers who chose Seer Patrick and took him under his wing. He sensed the potential Patrick had and discovered his instinctive knowledge of the laws that bind man and nature on the subtlest of levels. Patrick was the first student this sorceror ever had, and he showed Patrick the path to follow. When he was just 12 years old, Seer Patrick was fired by a passion for what he had learnt and started to add to the oral tradition he knew by reading much more about the theory of magic. Ever since, he has been known for his new approach to old texts, in his books and in practice. Let’s hear it in his own words...

My parents had a bakery and patisserie in the Paris region. Family life is always difficult for those who choose a trade, but none more so than master bakers, because as we all know, they work long hours and live a life out of step with the rest of their family…I was brought up in a home where everything centred around work and the bakery, with parents who were utterly absorbed by their trade.

I was definitely an introverted dreamer, right from the start, but I also think the way we lived made me observe and analyse people. I felt very different to other people. I wasn’t a sad or withdrawn child though! Like all kids of my age, I got into my fair share of scrapes and played happily with my friends.


For some thirty years now Seer Patrick has been writing books and giving consultations using his knowledge of esotericism and magic. In France and overseas, he helps those who come to him wanting to use this tradition to find a way out of their problems. Magic has been his passion since childhood when his grandparents initiated him into the secrets of the Ancients in the Normandy countryside. It was there that he made his first contact with the magical world.

I was born in the city, but I discovered nature in an extraordinary way that had a profound effect on me. My grandparents lived in a little village in Normandy, between Falaise and Pont-d’Ouilly, where I had my first contact with nature and animals. My sister and I had our eyes opened to the world around us by our grandfather. He showed us the glow-worms that ‘lit up’ as night fell, the hares that ran for shelter, the bird’s nests hidden in the hedgerows, the insects that buzzed… He taught us to listen to noises instead of just hearing them, he attuned our ears to the gentle whistle of the wind in the leaves, the chirruping of the birds, the rasping noise some insects made, the rustling of small animals scurrying through the grass…I realised that life was swarming around me, I imagined myself as a butterfly on a flower or a mole burrowing in the earth…

My grandfather also loved to walk with us as at dusk as the light faded, at that time of day when the daytime animals find somewhere to spend the night just as the nocturnal ones start to stir. And so we discovered an ever more fascinating universe, our senses heightened by the feeling of mystery of the night.

I had a wonderful time in forests and fields, whatever the time of year. I always loved nature just as much in winter as in summer and, for as long as I can remember I felt the passing of the seasons and time very intensely. Our grandparents also taught us about the cycles of nature: what time of year the fields were sown, when the first shoots appeared, when they were harvested, when they died away… We knew the taste and colour of butter changed with the seasons, depending on what the cows had been eating; that baby animals are born only at certain times of year; that you can cook some types of mushroom but not others; that bees may sting but we need them for pollination … All that knowledge that city kids don’t learn till later. When I went back to the city, all those memories and that knowledge meant I never looked at everyday objects in the same way again.

Like all children that age, there was a whole group of us who used to play in the woods, building wooden huts and inventing adventures worthy of Robinson Crusoe. But what I enjoyed most was building a shelter in a tree or a lean-to and hiding out there, all by myself. When I think back over it, I can see I was a bit of a loner…it wasn’t that I wanted to escape from other people. I just wanted to build my own universe where I was at once creator and actor. And so I made sure there were times when I could immerse myself in nature and do what most pleased me.


All my childhood memories are closely linked to nature and animals. People talk about communion with nature…and that's how I felt back then and still feel now: a need to speak to plants, to trees, to animals and the intense feeling that they respond to me.

My grandparents' house bordered onto a country lane. If you walked down that lane at night, the leaves on the trees cast strange shadows on the ground. The darkness that fell changed the silhouettes of familiar objects. It was a time when the daytime world was transformed into a sinister place no longer under the control of man, taken over by the spirits of the night, phantoms and genies…

My grandfather used to lead us to isolated shacks where we could play in safety all day long, but as darkness fell, they seemed haunted. We heard stories whispered by other children about strange events, and we felt we were on the edge of a supernatural world. Grandpa made us listen to the noises of the night, so different from those of the daytime. This all made us both scared and thrilled, with shivers running down our spine although we didn’t dare show it until we were tucked up in bed.

I also remember that sometimes grandpa and grandma used to take my sister and me for walks in the cemetery. Sometimes we saw will-o’-the-wisps tremble among the stones of the reently buried. I think my grandparents knew we were afraid, but they played along kindly, and thought they were giving us some unforgettable memories. Which of course they did! All these experiences fostered a love of mystery and the marvellous in my young mind, already bordering on the world of magic.


In Normandy, my relationship with magic started to become very intense. At that time, country people often went to see healers, bonesetters and hypnotists instead of doctors, vets or the pharmacist who perhaps lived in another village. They were recommended by word of mouth, and one person would tell the next how a bad back had been cured, or a mare’s sprained leg healed. Country magic were very common and frequently practised: the evil eye, sorcery, negative vibrations, but also the prayers that cured and the ones that brought a good harvest...

I was a thousand times happier sitting round the table with the grown-ups than playing with my sister or my friends! As soon as the conversation got onto these subjects, I would be as quiet as possible and listen with fascination. I would withdraw into a world that was both known and yet mysterious.

I felt drawn towards these topics as if they were already familiar to me, but at the same time each new piece of information was a marvellous discovery. Certain words the grown-ups spoke in hushed tones seemed familiar to me, as if I had spoken them myself. I listened very carefully to what was said and it all seemed to make sense to me. These sensations drove me irresistibly towards magic.

Every summer holiday, I would go back there in that same environment. My grandfather was the foreman at a textile factory on the outskirts of the village. My grandmother didn't work and had plenty of time to look after my sister and me. They both told us old stories and introduced us to the ways of nature.

One day, my grandfather, who was suffering from a fatty cyst, took me with him to see the healer. In the waiting room there was a pretty birdcage that contained several birds. Some were completely still while others chirruped and flapped their wings with great spirit. There were little canaries and coloured parrots, making a lovely sight. I was fascinated by the contrast between the lively birds and the ones that seemed frozen with fear. When the healer came out of his room to collect my grandfather, he opened the birdcage and, with a couple of gestures, awakened the quiet birds - they had simply been in a light hypnotic trance. He used to make each of them in turn sleep just so he could demonstrate his power to his customers! And as an impressionable seven-year-old child, I was amazed.

I saw some extraordinary phenomena: one of my uncles – my mother’s brother – knew how to “snuff out” fire. When someone had a burn, he could stop the pain and make healing faster by saying the right prayers over the burn and blowing on it. He was famous for this gift…

I often saw him do it and once he did it on me too. We were very close and I was sure he would tell me his secret when he decided to pass his gift on. Unfortunately, he died young, taking his ‘trick’ to his grave. He must also have been clairvoyant because he predicted, when I was very young, that I would become well known and would be on television! My uncle made me realise that there is a palpably real side to magic.

A country priest I have always been attracted to churches, temples and sanctuaries and I am irresistibly drawn inside because I feel good there. It’s a universe I know and brings back happy childhood memories.

Although I spent all my school years in the suburbs of Paris, I had the chance to take my first communion where my grandparents live. They had asked their local priest in the village to teach me the catechism privately over the summer holidays and give me my first communion before I went back to school. This elderly priest had married both my grandparents and my parents. He was a jolly, kind man who the villagers loved and he was always ready to lend parishioners a hand. He was one of the very few who had a car and was always willing to give a lift to someone who needed it.

So that’s how I came back into the world of Christianity and faith, in the words of a simple and sincere man who had never been afflicted by doubt. Spending time alone with him gave his words even more importance. I could ask him any question that came to mind, without worrying about what my friends would think (they mocked religion). That time has happy memories for me, and it gave me a solid foundation for the spiritual aspirations of my childhood and adolescence.

I looked at religion, spirituality, prayer and nature in a very different way to the other children. Indeed the rest of my life followed suit – I always had the feeling that doors opened for me just when I needed them to for my development.


It was my unruliness that led me towards the practice of magic! When I was eleven I dislocated my foot jumping off a high roof on a farm. My grandmother took me to a bonesetter she knew. Later, he told me that when he touched me to set the muscles and nerves back in the right place, he felt the potential within me. He didn't say anything to e, but made certain gestures to see my reaction and interest.

When he saw I had instinctively understood what he was doing, he asked me to come back and see him another time. He started to teach me some of the things that he knew, without words, by showing me how it worked. Over time, he revealed more and more to me. It wasn’t luck that caused us to meet and I wasn’t compelled to take up magic. I was convinced that, like others, I had been born with a ‘magical soul’”. I developed that sensibility by knowing when to say nothing and just listen to people, by learning to dare, by broadening my education and testing my will. I have had magic in me at every stage in my life. Throughout my entire childhood I had experiences that brought me closer to the universe, and that’s because I was ready to have them.

I didn't really like reading but at home during term time, I became very interested in books. It was an interest I developed alone, since no-one around me read: my parents never had time. By the time I was a teenager I was devouring books. I liked adventure stories and cartoons, but my favourites were about ancient and modern history, biographies, anything about men of action. It was a way of studying human nature and learning how to ‘read’ people. By watching them in everyday life and in books, I felt I came to understand them. My friends of the same age had little interest in what was going on outside of their world. Friends often came to me for advice because I seemed to be streets ahead of them when it came to personal relationships and how to make them work. But adults and my teachers thought I was rather shy and self-effacing.

Even as a small child I was interested in other people, I liked to watch them and work out what was behind their words, gestures, attitudes and the vibrations they gave off. I put myself in their shoes and worked out whether they were feeling happy, or upset, whether they were ill or worried… I didn’t think much about this habit until I started to see my thoughts were regularly confirmed by events. I didn’t think it was clairvoyance or premonition, I was just happy to see things work out the way I’d thought they would…It gave me self-confidence.

For years no one noticed my ability, as in those says children were "seen and not heard". Unlike my grandparents, my parents talked mainly about their jobs or our schoolwork and they weren't interested in esoteric things. So it never occurred to me to talk to them about it.

It wasn’t curiosity that brought me to magic. My inner voice said to me this was a universe I carried within me and it was mine to discover. From the moment I started to learn some basic ideas and knowledge, through my bonesetter friend in Normandy and confirmed by my own reading, I never doubted this was something I had inside me. When a friend fell off his bicycle and was bleeding, I was the first one to reach him and I healed him just by my touch. The blood stopped flowing and the pain eased. For me, it still felt like a secret. I did it instinctively and without mentioning it, probably because I was shy and worried about being teased by other children. But I was also aware of the occult dimension of these practices and wanted to retain some of their mystery.


Throughout my adolescence, I carried on reading about the subjects that interested me and, in particular, I gathered information on occultism. Some 12 years ago now I got hold of a copy of the Petit Albert and the Grand Albert, books of magic spells highly respected in the country. These were the first magic books I owned. I bought them secretly using the pocket money I earned helping my father, and hid them at the very back of my desk. I would wait until I was alone in the evening and read them in the dim light of a lamp.

The books told me the times when I should and shouldn’t read them, or I'd suffer unpleasant consequences. By sticking to those rules, I felt I was entering another universe where I had every right to be. I had no trouble distinguishing between the ‘normal’ world and the world of occultism. It seemed totally natural that they both exist side by side and for me to pass between one and the other. I wasn’t looking for an escape into a different world - I just wanted to experience new sensations.

I didn't learn my trade though these ancient volumes, but they did let me immerse myself completely in a magical world of pentacles, plants, timetables to be followed, prayers… I even prepared some of the potions, using my instincts to replace ancinet and unobtainable ingredients with modern equivalents that just seemed right to me. People who are close to nature and love it can intuitively feel which plant may replace another. I have strange and pleasant memories of this time. I felt as though I was becoming someone else, doing something so private and secret when everyone was asleep. I think many children who create their own universe within them know that feeling.


When my interest was developing, magic was shrouded in mystery and a source of much fear. Using magic was entering into a pact with the devil and risking hell. So, as a child I was torn between curiosity, a real thirst for knowledge and the fear of unleashing something uncontrollable. My self-confidence built very slowly, as I mastered several recipes and assimilated techniques ‘peripheral’ to magic and sorcery, such as astrology and the tarot. I’ve always been more drawn to pure sorcery than astrology and tarot, although I do use them on a daily basis because they’re very useful when you need to discover a person’s potential and study their personality – forewarned is forearmed! But I did realise these techniques alone would not be enough.

Magic, however, can change the course of events, to the direction people want and giving some of us the power to help people out of their troubles and re-establish their balance, without affecting their karma. I think magic is about listening, understanding and helping.

At the time I didn’t have the self-discipline of a real researcher. I did things in my childish way, then later as a teenager, alone, through a process of trial and error, I got a solid grounding that I later built on as I met highly qualified people. Whenever I was pulled in a direction that wasn’t right for me, events always conspired to stop me from going the wrong way! Life also made sure that I met useful people, right when I needed them. That’s how, little by little, I graduated towards the practice of magic.

Magic became my profession because I had always wanted to practice it openly. It wasn’t easy for me, but I’m proud of it. It would be a terrible loss if all these ancient traditions were to disappear forever. Humanity would miss out on an irreplaceable spiritual and cultural heritage. We all have a magical soul within us, we just have to give it a chance to express itself.


Seer Patrick does not practice magic as a hobby, or because it’s fashionable. He has put it at the very centre of his life and that is the experience he offers in his consultations, books and on this website.

Seer Patrick has the special sensitivity of a person who has chosen to live a life of magic. He has always had particular admiration and affection for the magical traditions of the countryside. He studies them constantly, to enrich his knowledge, and to offer them for the discovery of sincere practitioners. Every case he solves owes its success to his knowledge of the traditional rituals and to his interest in human nature.

He shows how effective magic can be at a time when mankind no longer believes in anything. Yes, in this materialistic world, magic can give us back our faith in life and in ourselves, an energy that will make all the difference!

Another subject that has been arousing passions for years, and a theme that underlies all his consultations, is personality reconstruction. He never stops encouraging people to take their future in hand, above and beyond the help he can bring them through tradition, and encourages them to set a course that will ultimately allow them to take control of their life again.


"I thank destiny for having put you on my path. You've helped me clear up my choices, my hopes and my doubts. Sincerity, truth and confidence are the words that best sum up my wonderful encounter with you. Thank you again for your precious help."

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